About RG international

RG Active Rehabilitation (RG) is a non-profit organization. The overall pur­pose of active rehabilitation is to empower people with a spinal cord injury or those with a comparable disability to reclaim their lives through activi­ties that focus on opportunities rather than barriers. The primary and most common activities of active rehabilitation are community peer-based training camps.

Through international projects RG help and support other countries to start organizations similar to RG. The aim is to share our knowledge and to support key persons in the other country so that they can carry on their local work independently. We co-operate with organizations in Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and Greece. Those are organizations that work with similar methods and are collected in a network, Active Rehabilitation International (ARI).

RG aims to

  • educate a partner organization
  • organize camps
  • educate leaders e.g. politicians., medical staff etc.
  • share knowledge about basic care and rehabilitation
  • distribute light-weight wheelchairs and other forms of aids.

Our work is mainly financed by subsidies from Forum Syd. Twelve percent of the RG membership fee goes to the international activities.

RG International’s work is non-profit. For questions and/or donations, financial or material, please contact us.